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Corporate Gifts for Corporate Men

Seriously speaking, are men in the corporate world some of the hardest people to buy gifts for? Mark Samuels, a professional corporate and business gifts advisor, said that different men want different things and we shouldn’t be too quick to think that they are difficult to please, “It can be a simple mouse pad or a travel essential like a neck pillow. Men are not as puzzling as you think they are. Just remember to gift him with something practical, something that he could use, and something that is functional.” Surely, there are a thousand of gifts to choose from. This article gives you some smart corporate gift idea that you might want to consider should you find it difficult to decide on what’s the best gift for that corporate guy you have high respect for:

  • Wallets: What can more pragmatic than a manly wallet? He can easily slip bills and arrange his business cards in here—and the good thing is that they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. When buying wallets for men though, keep it simple and plain. Men are not like women who like elaborate designs when it comes to items like wallets.
  • Ties: Any man in the corporate world would need a tie at some point in his career. And even if he does not own a suit or a long sleeve polo, it’s still smart for a corporate man to own a tie because you’ll never know when you need to attend a major corporate event or a big meeting with VIPs. Ties also come in different designs and colors so you would find it fascinating to shop around for your best pick. Hannah, who owns one of the better known promotional gifts suppliers in Singapore, shared, “Ties are very appropriate and classy gifts for corporate men precisely because they are a symbol or hard work, ambition, and professionalism. Unsurprisingly, we get high number of orders for ties during the Christmas season. It is definitely in the top 10 most ordered corporate gift items for men in our stores.”
  • Personalized Poker Set: Every man in the corporate world should know how to relax and play for fun. After all, he deserves it for the hard work he also does. As they say, ‘work hard, play harder’. A poker set may be a good travel companion when he crosses borders for important work-related business trips. Plus, it can make him bond better with his colleagues or even business partners during lax time when they can all just forget about work for a while and play together. You’ll never know what kind of luck you’ll get from an unassuming poker set. Consider this as a very unique corporate gift for men.
  • Magic 8 Ball Pen: Something that he can bring along wherever he goes. A magic 8 ball pen is a very classy and functional gift as the same time. In fact, it is some sort of a status symbol which silently suggests that the owner is a big shot in his field. This is truly a good gift to any ambitious corporate guy.
  • Gadgets and Accessories: A simple iPhone case, a desk speaker, an instamatic camera, a high-end head phone—the choices are endless. Men love gadgets. Period. You can never go wrong here.
  • Watch: A man is no man without a decent watch. Whoever said that has something fixed in his mind. Watches are good corporate gifts for men because they symbolize power and control. Elegant, appropriate, and definitely valuable, watch as corporate gifts for men will never go out of style. Plus, any man busy in his profession will always need to be literally reminded of time. Precisely why watches are probably the most utilitarian of all the items we listed here.

“Corporate gifts for men are easy to buy, if you keep the habits, likes and dislikes of the man in mind. A multipurpose object that can be used at office and at home is highly appreciated. For travelers, remember to go for light and compact items. Then there are fun ways to enliven a gift. Instead of getting a plain clock for a desk, get a sports clock, emblazoned with his favorite sport's team. Opt for funky cufflinks or a game set. Give every gift a personal touch with engravings and monograms. Gift options, when shopping for a businessman, are infinite.” assured an anonymous writer of

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