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Guide to Online Furniture Shopping

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Are you moving to a new and bigger place? Or did you just got your most-awaited and hard-earned house and lot? Whichever it is, one thing is for sure, you need a new set of furniture to fill in your brand new place.

Decorating your home takes up a lot of time. From selecting the type of furniture, the color palette, the style and design and even how to transport them from the shop to your place, all of these should be considered. But if you don’t have all the time to shop? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. There is now an online furniture shop in Singapore that offers you convenient shopping experience. From your living room furniture, dining to your bedroom essentials, they have the basic home furniture that you need to finally move in your new place in Singapore.

For your guidance, below are lists of basic furniture that you can avail online in Singapore.

1. Furniture

Home furniture area movable and solid objects that provide support to everyday activities like for seating, eating and sleeping. Furniture in Singapore varies in shape, size and type of material depending on its function, purpose and architect’s or interior designer’s design. There are furniture made of plastic, metal, wood and tree stumps or rocks. For example, for the bedroom set, you can check out different types of wardrobe furniture like modular wardrobe, sliding door and open door wardrobe. For the living room, options are sofa sets, coffee table, TV console, shoe cabinet, divider, bean bags and display unit or bookshelves, among others.

2. Bedframes

Bedframes is also one of the furniture bedroom essentials that should considered. Though sleeping without it is possible, it would be more comfortable and aesthetically good if you have bedframes. Bedframes come in different sizes from single, super single, double, queen and king size. You can also choose the type of material for your bedframes such as faux leather, fabric, metal and wooden bedframe, among others.

3. Mattress/Bedding

Like bedframes, mattresses and bedding also varies by size, type, firmness and brand. For beddings, for example, you have options like pillows and bolster, quilts and comforter while mattress type include bonnel spring, pocketed spring, foam, memory foam, latex, and foldable mattress.

4. Sofa

For sofa options, you can start by deciding what type and how many seater would you like to have. The type of sofa includes sofa bed, fabric sofa, faux leather sofa, recliner, armchair and wooden sofa.

5. Package Deals

Online furniture shop in Singapore also offers package deals like metal bed with foam mattress, dining tables with chairs, and living room furniture with bookshelves or dividers, among others. There promo packages that you can avail of just contact them or regularly check their official webpage.

Moreover, when buying furniture online in Singapore, you also enjoy some perks. The following include:

  • Free Delivery

You need not worry about transportation cost anymore. If your purchase reached a minimum of $150 and above, you can enjoy a free delivery service.

  • 24 Days Free Return

If you feel like what you have bought doesn’t suit your home style or you do not prefer the color palette, you can have it exchanged or you can return it within 24 days subject to applicable fees based on Terms and Conditions.

  • Cash on Delivery

You can also purchase furniture online without having to worry about not having a credit card. Online shops now have the Cash on Delivery option for easy purchase of items online.

Are you looking for a convenient way to shop? Why not try online furniture shopping? Check it out now!

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