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Private Property Hunting: 5 Things to Consider

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Are you investing on a new home for your parents or for yourself? Have you been day dreaming of how your room will look like? Imagining the features and its architectural design? Or is it even more exciting than this like planning to get married and start a family of your own? Whatever it is you are planning for, one way to celebrate adulthood is getting your own pad. A private property in Singapore where you can return to. A place that is more than a house but a home for comfort, love and belongingness.

When it comes to private properties and housing, Singapore offers great deals especially to married couples and even to bachelors and bachelorette. There are various private property sales Singapore posted in webpages and magazines. Some even have new private property launch party. Real estate companies prepared exciting marketing and sales promotions depending on clients’ needs.

To guide you through your private property hunting, here are 5 things you need to consider to get that dream home.

1. Location

A great place with a perfect location is like hitting a jackpot. However, it also depends on the reason why you are getting a new place like if it’s for work? Or just a place for you to rejuvenate? For working household, some good housing locations are near the transport system, near the central business district, or near recreational facilities. For those who are starting a new family, locations like the suburbs that have access to surrounding parks and nature reserves is a perfect place for you. Retirees and homeowners looking for rest houses or family houses, on the other hand, would love a place inspired by tropical bungalows that are near the sea like a watercove.

2. Floor Plan

Every house has unique floor plans depending on the design. For example, terrace houses offer great value for space with high ceiling, expansive windows and front and back frontages that are convenient access to development facilities. Corner room or houses are best if you are a solo owner who wants to enjoy privacy and exclusivity. Semi-detached houses, on the other hand, are luxurious and spacious type that is suited for people who wanted to start a new family. A house like this has pool area, garden/lawn or a garage.

3. Facilities

Nothing beats a place donned with great facilities. Condominium units offer various amenities like pool area, garden, spa, and gym, among others. Who would not love a place where you can’t just relax but you can also have fun. You would not worry inviting your friends, relatives and even colleagues for parties or events.

4. Developer

With the limitedness of land and space, real estate development is hitting the spotlight. More developers’ are enticed to build new buildings, new housing projects to accommodate the growing demand. It is best to choose and find the right developer with a great project plan and impressive portfolio. You can visit their official websites or their model houses for viewing.

5. Customer Care

How you take care and value your client says a lot about how a real estate company value its business. Responsive customer care is a major criteria house hunter’s area looking for.

If still unsure, you might want to talk to a real estate agent to provide you a wide selection of private properties in Singapore.

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