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The Value of Research

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Doing valuable research, whether it is for academic, government, or business purposes, has its many benefits. Research enables us to discover possibilities, initiate innovations and creations, as well as find breakthroughs that may change the lives of people—and the world itself.

Research benefits business. Many successful companies, such as those producing consumer goods or mass-market items, invest in research and development or R&D. Different business industries with science and engineering processes like agriculture, food and beverage, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, computer software, semiconductor, information and communication technology, construction, robotics, aerospace, aviation, and energy have high R&D expenditure because it is critical to product innovation and to improving services. R&D also helps secure a vantage point over competitors. Finding out how to make things happen and what could differentiate them from others that offer similar products and services can raise the company’s market value. Certainly, having relevant knowledge in achieving a good commercial image through sound business strategies like investing in R&D can boost its profitability. In addition, R&D is essential to supporting a country's economy,” wrote Leann Zarah in the article 7 Reasons Why Research is Important for the website

Ariadne, another freelance researcher in Singapore also believes research and development as an aid to a business’s success and growth, “Doing a longitudinal researcher for any thriving company who wants to grow exponentially is very relevant. The market is always changing in terms of what the consumer wants and there ought to be a research and development team to always oversee that. Research and development can predict trends depending on how they see the market changes. Professionals who actually work in this field are highly intuitive, sensible, and intelligent. ”

Carl, whose small business started with a serious market research, said he was fortunate to have secured an sme grant in Singapore, “I did my proposal for six months, and prior to that, I had to make a thorough research about my target market and my direct and indirect competitors. I learned from my marketing management class how VMOS and SWOT Analysis matter too. It was that thorough research that made me convince my fund grantors to believe in my business.”

Samantha, who always seeks research funding in Singapore whenever she is up for a new research project, said that research is what makes progress possible, “Research and experimentation have gotten us this far. Modernity is in fact a product of people’s need to advance. How did we come up with this big towering structures? The beauty products we use? The medicines we have? The cars and other vehicles? No one has gotten that far without researching.”

Leann Zarah further wrote in her article mentioned above, “(It is)A Tool for Building Knowledge and Efficient Learning. Research is required not just for students and academics, but for all professionals. It is also important for budding and veteran writers, both offline and online. Among professionals and scribes, finding an interesting topic to discuss and/or to write about should go beyond personal experience. Determining either what the general public may want to know about or what researchers want others to realize or to think about can serve as a reason to do research.”

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