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Tips on How to Pick the Best Mattress For You

So you find yourself needing a new mattress. You went to local retail stores that sell different kinds of mattresses and after seeing various kinds of them, you are now quite confused with what to buy. You needed one because either you are waking up with body ache, particularly lower back ache and you think that it is your current mattresses' fault or your old one is already worn out and you want to get one that is as much as comfortable. Either way, picking the right mattress is very important since it can really affect how we sleep.

There are different kinds of mattresses. They differ from the materials, how they made and what kind of comfort they can provide to your body. So no mattress is perfect for everyone; it would really depend on the user itself. With that said, here are some types of mattresses and what kind of comfort they can provide you so you will know which one is best for you.

Memory foam mattress - This mattress is the best pick for those restless sleepers. With the nature of its material, it actually balances your body weight all throughout the whole mattress to provide comfort when sleeping. That also helps out with minor aches and body pain that we sometimes experience in our sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattress - As the name suggests, this kind of mattress makes use of springs for providing resistance to weight pressure. All pocket spring mattresses are more firm and is quite heavy. Ideal for those who usually sleep flat on their back or front. Helps reduce lower back pains and does not bounce easily even if the person beside you moves a lot. It is considered to be a hotel quality mattressthat is why it is much more expensive than an innerspring mattress.

Orthopaedic mattress - This type of mattress provides exceptional body support which reduces almost all kinds of body ache that we feel after a long night's sleep. They are specially designed to form accordingly to our sleeping position to avoid discomfort to our joints and muscles. There are many shops here in Singapore that sell orthopaedic mattresses.

Innerspring mattress - Almost the same as a pocket spring mattress, however, the springs are not in individual pockets but rather connected to each other. This means that you would be able to feel movement from the other end of the bed. But it does not mean that it is not a good choice; many people find it comfortable due to the way the springs are installed. It does support our body evenly just like how a memory foam mattress would and is much more comfortable to our skin.

Hybrid mattress - This mattress makes use of two different kinds of foams in terms of support. It could be memory foam and latex or gel foams like the ones used in a gel mattress. The comfort and support it provides depends mainly on the combination of the support system.

There are many other kinds of mattresses that may benefit other people. It really depends on how they sleep; what position they are usually in and how much they move during their sleep. If you are still confused on what to get one, it will not hurt to ask the store clerk for recommendation for you.

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