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Top Reasons Why Women Undergo Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation, more commonly known as breast implant, is one of the leading cosmetic surgeries that are done to improve the physical appearance of a woman. Thousands undergo breast augmentation here in Singapore alone, and breast enhancement surgery as well to improve the way they look sexually. Not to mention that this is also common especially for those celebrities who are not content with their body or breasts in particular. Of course, just like any other cosmetic surgery here in Singapore, breast implants can really be effective in boosting one's appearance. Although there can be side effects or possible complications that may happen during or even after the surgery, as long as you consult your doctor about it, you can minimize the risks of having problems that may occur.


Despite the risk, cost and of course, the big change that it can do for their lives, what are the top reasons why women undergo breast augmentation?


  • Self-esteem - Believe it or not, it can affect their self-esteem directly. Women with better figure or shape often have better self-esteem than those who have imperfections in their body. They may even feel like less of a woman when they feel that their breasts stops growing, affecting their confidence in their own selves. This particular reason may seem too simple but it can really change someone's personality specialty if it is about self-esteem.
  • Shape - Not all women breasts are shaped perfectly; there can be deformities from birth, physical injuries or even after a surgery. ­Those with uneven breasts have the option to undergo breast augmentation to properly give them a well-balanced pair of breasts either in terms of shape or size. This cosmetic surgery can really be helpful especially for those who had a portion of one of their breast removed due to tumor, cancer or any other medical reasons.
  • Sexual pleasure - It may not seem the case when it comes to sexual pleasure, but some women actually feel better at their sexual life if their body image is what they want it to be. We cannot deny that most men are attracted to the shape of a woman's body, especially how their breasts compliments their body size. With that being said, a woman who thinks she is able to provide such desire to her man can actually feel better at bed.
  • Fashion - You may be thinking how fashion is related to breast augmentation. Well, it is! Some women actually like how their clothes fit them better after they have gotten breast implants compared to how they had to adjust their taste in terms of buying clothes that will fit their chest. Having a much more firm and well-shaped breast can really be a big factor on dressing up for women.


We all should know that everyone has their own reason whenever they undergo such cosmetic surgery. What is important is that we must consult our doctors or experts first to make sure that there will be no misses or the risks will be minimal during or after the surgery itself.

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