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Top Staffing Dilemmas to Expect for IT

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Information technology is abuzz with developments coming virtually every day. In order to stay ahead of the pack, one needs to work only with the best people. This is becoming harder and harder these days, with the increased number of IT companies providing stricter and tougher competition in terms of compensation, benefits and others. To provide concrete IT staff augmentation, one has to understand the problem. Here are the top staffing dilemmas often encountered in IT.

  1. Jack of all trades

It is always an asset to have flexible employees who can take on different tasks. Although, ideally, you would want to avoid burning up your staff with burdensome workloads meant for different people, sometimes it is unavoidable. Problem arise when you have inflexible staff who are not able (or just unwilling) to do work outside their job descriptions. If you’re stuck with such employees, your productivity can be hampered in cases of absence or slow hiring processes.

  1. Inflexible hiring

The above leads us to the second item: the hiring process. Again, in an ideal world, we would opt to hire full-time employees to fill up key roles in your company. However, if such are unavailable, you should not be opposed to hiring temporary help, even maybe opting to freelance several jobs. This is a better option than outright delaying a project because of lack of staff. Flexibility in hiring affords companies a way out of a sticky situation, most of the time.

  1. Filling up critical roles

Another major problem is when a key role in your company is suddenly vacated. Such a disturbance can have major repercussions in your company’s workflow. Since it would be difficult to fill up such a prime role, it would not hurt to ask for help from staffing agencies. Such partners can focus on searching for the right guy for the job.

  1. Screening

The above point also leads us to another important part of the hiring process, which is sometimes fast-tracked or entirely bypassed due to lack of time: screening. Candidate screening is especially important if you wish to employ candidates who will fit seamlessly with the company. Again, an easy fix would be to engage the services of staffing agencies. Just provide them with the information they need to work on and they can search for your employee.

  1. Clashing cultures

A problem of rushed screening could be employing staff who does not fit the company. Aside for the resources that will be wasted on such an employee, the time spent on his or her hiring process is also a waste, and add to that, the additional time it will take to find his or her replacement.

  1. Retaining top talent

There is no quick fix here. Employees will stay or go out of their own volition. What a company can do is to be just in its compensation and provide the best working environment as possible. Also, talent can not only be found outside, but can also be cultivated within your ranks. Invest on developing your employees for your company’s future.

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