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Transform Your Business with the Help of an Office Design Company

I was very excited when I was finally able to start my own business. It’s just a small enterprise but it’s a concept that has a special place in my heart: a space where freelancers can gather and make it their office for the day (or even a month!) if they don’t want to always work at a coffee shop or their home. I used to be a freelancer myself. In fact, I also still do some freelance consulting from time to time. That's why I know how important it is to find a good place to work and even meet with clients and business partners.


However, the place that I got needed some serious work. It was in an old building so the rent was cheaper but it really had to be renovated. At first, I was overwhelmed at the amount of work that needed to be done. I wanted to really overhaul the place but I also knew that renovation in Singapore can be quite expensive. Another thing is that I also wasn’t familiar with the cost of materials and labour fees. But I didn’t let this stop me, of course. I knew I just needed help from a reliable interior design firm here in Singapore.


Luckily, I found an interior design firm that meets all of my needs: Weiken. They are not just focused on residential properties, they are an office design company as well. It makes a big difference because it means they know the kinds of designs that will help boost productivity in an office setting but also keep the balance between professional and casual. I knew that my humble business would be in good hands with them.


And I wasn’t wrong! They did such a wonderful job that I got shocked at the makeover. It didn’t even look like the old place anymore. My business looked like it was a million-dollar venture, it's so amazing!


What I love about Weiken is that they are very collaborative. I had some ideas that I shared with them and they were able to bring them to life. In fact, they made my ideas look so much better. They are also very conscious of my budget. They will always consult me first before they make a decision and they would even recommend affordable but still beautiful options. It’s really such a wonderful experience to work with them. In my humble opinion, I think they are one of the best Singaporean interior design firms!


My business is doing quite well these days and I think my decision to work with an office design company like Weiken is a big factor for that. They were able to make a small, drab space look so pleasant and inviting. We even have a cosy little area for those who are having all-nighters.


I am now considering expanding my business and I am surely going to work with Weiken again when that time comes. I highly recommend them if you are looking for renovation experts in Singapore. They are not just experts in design, they also work fast and stay within the budget, all without compromising quality. You can entrust them with your dream office design and they will make it come true, just like what they did for me!

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